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Is your summer jam packed with fun? FFF also offers one day camps in our Friday Fun Day series! Check out our special one day camps below! All camps are suitable for ages 5-11 unless they are * for our little learners ages 2-4! Contact Tina to register or for questions! 


Pack a lunch and stay for both classes! Save 20% off second class or 20% off for siblings! 

June 5

*Quirkles, 10am-12pm: Those silly Quirkles have taken over FFF! This class will introduce alphabet letter characters as well as a science concepts. There will be many hands-on science experiments each day to incorporate letters, reading and science! Children will have so much fun; they won’t even know they are learning! ($35/child)

*Fairy Tales and Baking, 1pm-3pm: Explore classic fairy tales and bake magical treats in this sweet class! Kids will explore rhyming, phonics, color/shape/letter recognition, math and more in this fun adventure through the woods. ($35/child)

June 26

Abracadabra with Marty the Magician, 1pm-3pm: Be prepared to be amazed while Marty the Magician presents his special magic class at FFF! It's not magic, it's science! Marty will perform a special series of magic tricks that use scientific principles. Go home ready to show off your new skills and entertain your family with tricks based on science! ($50/child)

July 3

*If You Give a Mouse..., 10am-12pm: What would you do if a mouse showed up at your door? Give him a cookie of course! Explore language, music, sequencing, storytelling, cause/effect relationships and more in this fun one day camp! ($35/child)

Stormy Skies, 1pm-3pm: Explore all aspects of weather-water cycle, weather patterns, clouds, storms, tornados, hurricanes, hail, snow- as we determine how to predict our own daily weather and learn about climates around the world. ($35/child)

July 10

Alex's Lemonade Stand, 9am-12pm: Financial Literacy + Doing Good for Others=Win! Let's dive right in and learn all about money! It doesn't grow on trees after all! Spend. Save. Give. Earn. Construct a business plan with your group, develop a product on a budget (lemonade/treats) and marketing plan. Execute your plan with a lemonade stand with all proceeds to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand ( to fight childhood cancer. ($35/child)

Spaceship Earth, 1pm-3pm: How fast does the Earth spin? How can the sun tell you the season? Why does the moon change shape? Why do the stars change with the season? Why is gravity different on other planets? Get the answers in this "out of this world astronomy class!" ($35/child)

July 17

Cupcake Wars, 9am-12pm: An FFF summer favorite! Explore flavors, fillings, icings, fondant, decorations and taste it all in this Cupcake Challenge! Winners determined by a panel of guest judges. Take home the top prize in this delicious and exciting bake off! ($50/child)

Guilty or Not: Mock Trial, 1pm-4pm: There's been a crime and it's up to you to help solve it! Put on your thinking caps while we learn all about the judiciary system. Explore the concept of verdicts, a jury trial, prosecution vs. defense, damages and innocent until proven guilty! Then choose a side while reviewing the evidence, asking questions and providing a verdict! ($35/child)

July 24

Pop, Fizz, Boom Chemistry, 10am-12pm: This is no time to worry about making a mess! Concoctions will explode, burst, bubble over and vanish into thin air. Mix, stir and watch what happens as we explore physical and chemical changes! Don't worry, I'll clean up the mess! ($35/child)

Escape the Science Lab, 1pm-2:30pm: The mad scientist has locked you in his lab! You must collect all the science materials needed to create a mixture to pour on the lock. The mixture will dissolve the lock and help you escape! Have no fear! I'll teach you all about the scientific method and lab tools before you get started! First group to finish wins a prize! ($35/child)

July 31

Pinterest DIY Party, 10am-12pm: There's no party like a PINTEREST PARTY! Get ready to craft it up in this one of a kind class. We will create at least THREE items for you to take home! Students will choose from a list of Pinterest possibilities upon registration. Some options include: stenciled tote bag, monogramed button art, string canvas art, succulent flower pots and more! ($50/child)

Girls Day Out, 1:00-3:30pm: Hello, girls! Let's get our creative juices flowing while we create: Tye Dyed Headbands, Marble Clay Ring Dish, Lip Balm, Donut Scented Soap and Lavender Sugar Scrub! Take home all of your creations! Turn up the music and have a snack while we get to work! ($50/child)

August 7

*Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom, 10am-12pm: Will you meet me at the top of the tree? Let's break out the silliness in this fun loving preschool class as we dive into alphabet letters, shapes, colors, numbers, music and more! ($35/child)

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