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Spring Break Sessions

Class size is limited.

Register soon to secure your spot. 

Contact Tina 417.860.3361 or (

Tuesday, March 12: 10am-11:30am: OUT OF THIS WORLD-Space Exploration: It's time for take off! Take a ride around the solar system as we explore the planets, sun, moon and constellations. Engineer a Space Fact Mobile and take on our Planets and Space STEM Engineering Challenges to build a land rover and star gazer. This class is perfect for space lovers between the ages of 5-10! $25/first student $20/sibling

Tuesday, March 12: 12pm-2pm: Airplanes, Rockets and Parachutes, OH MY! Let's get soaring in this aeronautical engineering class! We will be on the go as we create soda straw rockets that can shoot through the air! See if your skills can land you in the finals of the paper airplane challenge and land an astro-egg-naut safely in your homemade parachute! Zip, Shoot and SOAR if you're between the ages of 5-10! $30/first student $25/sibling

Wednesday, March 13: 10am-12:30pm: Art Around the World: It's time to get creative! Tie on those art aprons and get ready to explore cultures from six countries (Africa, Australia, Canada, China, India and Mexico).  We will learn about 3-D African masks, Chinese Fans, Aboriginal Dot Art Boomerangs, Mexican Tin Art, Henna Hands and Aboriginal Totem Poles. We will use a variety of textiles to create this one of a kind portfolio. Perfect for artists ages 5-12. $45/student

Thursday, March 14: 10am-11:30am: Luck O' the Irish: Top O' the morning to you! In this leprechaun themed STEAM class we will create a rainbow bridge capable of holding a tiny leprechaun, a wind powered maze to lead us to the pot of gold and don't forget to trap the leprechaun! Those little green guys don't have a chance of escaping! Perfect for ages 4-8. $25/first student $20/sibling

Thursday, March 14: 12pm-1:30pm: Beep, Boop, Beep I am a ROBOT Coder: Ever wish you could tell a robot what to do? Then this is the class for you! In this robotics for beginners session we will use our moving, programmable robots to conquer 10 basic challenges and assist the leprechaun through a maze to the pot of gold! This coding class just might spark the imaginations of many future technology leaders! Perfect for ages 4-8. $25/first student $20/sibling 

Interested in two classes in one day? No problem! Pack a lunch and hang out until the second class begins! 


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