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Is your summer jam packed with fun? FFF also offers one day camps in our Friday Fun Day series! Check out our special one day camps below! All camps are suitable for ages 5-11 unless they are * for our little learners ages 2-4! Contact Tina to register or for questions! 

June 11

*Pete the Cat, 10am-12pm: Pete loves to learn! He sings groovy songs, teaches us about the alphabet, phonics, numbers, colors, shapes and even science! We will be rocking in our school shoes while we groove with Pete and his friends. ($35/child)

June 18

Rockets and Astronomy You Can Eat, 10-11:30am: What makes a rocket fly in the air? How does weight, drag and thurst help? What are the laws of motion? Come build flying contraptions with us and launch a water rocket 50 feet into the air! Then make tasty science and explore the solar system, the moon and meteorites! These will be the most delicious edible constellations you'll ever have! ($40/child)

June 25

Cupcake Wars, 9am-12pm: An FFF summer favorite! Explore flavors, fillings, icings, fondant, decorations and taste it all in this Cupcake Challenge! Winners determined by a panel of guest judges. Take home the top prize in this delicious and exciting bake off! ($50/child)

July 9

VR Magic Science, 10am-12pm: We will bring "magic" lessons and tricks to life in this special virtual reality learning experience! Learn through step by step videos that will have you amazing your friends and family in no time! Take home your 80 page book and magic set which includes everything you need to learn 34 tricks! ($55/child)

July 16

Pinterest DIY Party, 10am-12pm: There's no party like a PINTEREST PARTY! Get ready to craft it up in this one of a kind class. We will create at least THREE items for you to take home! Students will choose from a list of Pinterest possibilities upon registration. ($55/child)

Girls Day Out, 12:30pm-2:30pm: Hello, girls! Let's get our creative juices flowing while we create: Tye Dyed Beach Towels, Squishies, FIzzy Bath Bomb Dust and beautiful custom candles! Take home all of your creations! Turn up the music and have a snack while we get to work! ($55/child)

July 23

Cardboard Box Engineering, 10am-11:30pm: Hello Inventors! Do you know why people are so good at building things? Science! Science helps us figure out how things work and how they could be made better. YOU can be a scientist too! Let's think outside the box and learn how to turn old boxes, cartons and tubes into airplanes, robots, roller coasters and more! Let's learn all about engineering and science in this fun one day class. ($35/child)

Sports Science, 12pm-1:30pm: Why is a wiffle ball so hard to hit? Why does pumping up a basketball make it bouncier? How do figure skaters spin so fast? Athletes use science every day! In this hands-on experiment class we will learn how science such as momentum, center of mass, Newton's laws of motion and friction have in the world of sports. Sports + Science= Win! ($35/child)

July 30

Kitchen Science, 10am-12pm: You don't need fancy science equipment to learn about density, force, mixtures, polymers and chemistry. We just need a kitchen! Science is all around us and it's all over our food! Create edible treats with common kitchen ingredients and discover science that even taste good! ($40/child)

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