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FFF Enrichment Programs is proud to announce the launch of FFF Academy for preschoolers ages 2-5! Beginning in the Fall of 2019, FFF Academy will offer a focused learning environment rich in literacy, math, fine motor, art exploration, dramatic play, building and science/discovery. Just like our sister company, FFF Enrichment Programs, FFF Academy offers a small, nurturing environment with individualized learning experiences. Small class sizes enable teachers to engage in one-on-one learning. Kids learn best by doing so FFF Academy provides a centered, discovery based education with a strong academic foundation that enables future success. 

                          EARLY PRESCHOOL (AGES 2-3)

                                Two year-olds are sponges! They are eager to learn about the world around them and                                         about each other. Each week we will explore a new theme that will teach us to use all our                                   senses. We will also dive into sensory stations while activating our developing minds. Our                                   phonics-based program will introduce sounds, numbers, and the alphabet.










This is the perfect age to develop a love of learning while promoting self-confidence and

security. In this class, literacy will take the lead with a phonic-based curriculum to learn not

only to identify letters but also to identify their sounds and begin reading readiness. In

addition, our specialty writing program will reinforce letter identification and proper

technique. Students will be enriched with hands-on science experiments and begin learning

simple math concepts. 





                   PRE-KINDERGARTEN (AGES 4-5)

                              Preschool is an exciting place filled with many opportunities to learn and explore every day.                                 In this class, children are exposed to a kindergarten like setting with advanced curriculum                                   that challenges their increasing ability to learn. With educational games, the children                                           develop a sense of learning that is fun and inspiring towards future academic success.                                         Children begin to read words and to understand simple math sentences including addition,                                   subtraction and telling time. Daily activities include music, writing and literacy, physical                                      activities, language development, creative arts, and science activities.

In addition to our academic standards, FFF Academy will also include enrichment from other sources such as Spanish, visits from the Dickerson Park Zoo and Wonders of Wildlife, music, yoga for children, classroom holiday parties, birthday celebrations and more! Plus, additional reading enrichment available every day after school! Have an idea how to make our preschool better? We would love to hear it! 

Contact Tina to learn more about the Academy (417.860.3361;

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