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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1:  What is Fiction, Facts, & Fun?


A1:  We are an educational enrichment program offering class sessions for children three years of age through sixth grade.        Refer to the class schedule for class topics and descriptions.   


Q2:  What is the cost?


A2:  Class prices vary. Refer to class schedule.


Q3:  Does my child have to attend all the classes, and am I financially responsible for all the classes in the session?

A3:  No, you do not have to attend all the classes in a session. You are only financially responsible for the classes attended.       However, everyone must pay the $35 registration fee at the beginning of fall and summer Sessions.  The enrollment           form and registration fee confirm a spot in the class.

Q4:  How large are the classes?

A4:  Class sizes vary according to topic.  Children are often broken into small groups of four to six students per teacher.            Science classes tend to be larger.

Q5:  Do I stay with my child for the class?

A5:  No.  We have a 15 minute rule for young children.  If they are crying 15 minutes after drop off, a parent will be                  notified.

Q6:  What is turbo time?

A6:  Turbo time is an "extra" 30 minutes of reinforcement for a given subject. It is NOT required.


Q7:  What kind of payment is accepted and when do I pay?

A7:  Payment can be made via check or cash. Credit or debit cards are not accepted. Tuition may be paid by the week or at        the beginning of each month. Checks should be made payable to Fiction, Facts, & Fun.


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