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Summer is our favorite at FFF because we get to spend
so much time with you! This year, we've brought back 
favorite FFF sessions but are also excited to introduce new
classes as well as a new format!
All sessions are now four-day camps with a limit of 12 students per camp! We know there are a lot of fun and exciting activities to participate in during the summer months throughout our community. We hope our new format works better with
your busy schedules and makes planning easier!
Also, new this summer is a discounted sibling rate as well as a multi-camp rate! Enroll a second child or add a second camp to your schedule for a discount of 15% off base camp fees (not including activity fees)! Want to spend the whole day with us and participate in two camps on one day? Great!
Pack a lunch and stay a while! 
Preview our Summer Schedule now! Registration opens March 1st.
One-day sessions to be added soon! Contact Tina to register
(417.860.3361 or
*New Class Offering
JUNE 1-4, 9AM-12: Mad Science: Break out the beakers and put on the safety glasses because it’s about to get explosive! This extreme chemistry class will have us discovering ways to test acids and bases, create fizzy reactions, write invisible messages and investigate metals and salts in electrochemical experiments, all while learning to use common lab tools. Kids take home a chemistry set to teach mom and dad about the world of chemistry, too! ($140 plus $35 supply fee; Ages 6+)

*JUNE 1-4, 12:30-3:30:Let’s Do the Math: Whether you’re a math lover or a math hater, you won’t be able to resist having fun while building serious math skills! From math mysteries and games to real-life math investigations kids will reinforce essential math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, probability and problem solving. Everyone will be a math lover by the end of this week! ($140; Ages 7+)
*JUNE 8-11, 9AM-12: If You Give a STEAM Challenge: Take your scientific exploration to the next level with real experiments using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Candle powered boats, hydroponics, momentum drop painting and chlorophyll printing are just a few examples of this science made simple session. All projects are make and take as well as instructions to create more! ($140 plus $35 supply fee; Ages 5+)
*JUNE 8-11, 12:30-3:30: LEGO Masters: Make, experiment and PLAY! Build 11 machines including a gravity powered car and a boxing robot. The fun doesn’t stop there! Learn to build another 10 LEGO machines that can swing, pivot, roll, lift and drop! Science + LEGOs = FUN! Kids take home two instruction booklets plus LEGO elements to continue the play at home. ($140 plus $35 supply fee; Ages 6+)
JUNE 15-18, 9AM-12: Picasso Art Lab: This isn’t your ordinary art class. Kids will be introduced to the great masters such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso and many more! Each lesson will include an introduction to the artist and will explore various mediums including paint and even sculpting! Finish the week by compiling your new works into your very own art portfolio. ($140 plus $35 supply fee; Ages 6+)
JUNE 22-25, 9AM-12: First Grade Prep: Hello, kindergarten grads! It’s time to prepare for first grade! Let’s get a jumpstart on sight words, reading, math, telling time, and all the other skills you need to be a great first grader! We will learn a lot, but we will also have a lot of FUN learning! ($140; Rising first graders) 
JUNE 22-25, 12:30-3:30: Reading Bootcamp: Avoid the summer slide! Did you know kids lose an average of two and a half months of reading skills during the summer? Let’s keep them moving forward in this bootcamp focused on reading, vocabulary, sight words, spelling and comprehension. Learning is achieved through games, crosswords, play and book club! At home reading also required. ($140; Ages 5+; Children grouped by reading level)
*JUNE 29-JULY 2, 9AM-12: LEGO Animation: In this stop motion animation camp, we will bring our LEGO figures to life! Create different backgrounds, scenery, sound effects and even play with lighting as well as camera angles! Take home 36 LEGO elements and an instruction booklet to continue the play at home! ($140 plus $25 supply fee. Ages 5+)
*JUNE 29-JULY 2, 12:30-3:30: Journaling: It’s no surprise that kids struggle with handwriting due to the constant use of technology. This isn’t a boring practice your cursive class. Let’s get creative as we incorporate bullet journaling and doodling with writing prompts, brainstorming with growth mindset and brush lettering (modern day calligraphy) to make it fun and beautiful! Take home your newly started journal and a set of brush pens to continue your journey of exploration into the world of written communication. ($140 plus $25 supply fee; Ages 6+)
JULY 6-9, 9AM-12: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Learning is anything but a bore in this action-packed Dr. Seuss themed camp. Colors, numbers, alphabet recognition, shapes, phonics, science, STEM and more! And will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! 98 and 3/4% guaranteed! ($140; Ages 2-4)
JULY 6-9, 12:30-3:30: KINDERGARTEN PREP: Kindergarten is not what it used to be! Children will get a jump start into kindergarten this summer with reading, math, writing and science activities. Children will also participate in fun and wacky learning games and music movements. Alleviate any fears about kindergarten with one of FFF’s most popular sessions! ($140; Rising Kindergartners)
*JULY 13-16, 9AM-12: Lab Coat Magicians: Put on your cape and get ready to astound your audience! It may look like magic but it’s actually science! Make water disappear without drinking it! Transform a straw into a knife! Overpower a friend with your pinky! See a hole in your hand you’ve never noticed before! The week concludes with a magic (ahem…science) show for the parents! ($140; Ages 5+)
*JULY 13-16, 12:30-3:30: Ink Slinger: Fuel your child’s love for books, drawing and storytelling while fostering creativity and building confidence in this create a book camp! Start from the beginning with brainstorming a topic, learn about the different parts of a story, complete a rough draft, learn how to peer edit and finish a final piece with illustrations that will be sent off to be bound. Each student will create a 20-page hardcover book or comic book! ($140 plus $30 supply fee; Ages 6+)
*JULY 20-24, 9AM-12: Pay It Forward: “Spread kindness like confetti.” In this, “all about me,” world we discover good deeds have ripple effects. From random acts of kindness completed in a few minutes to making a lasting impact on our peers, families, and community-this service focused camp will instill a sense of pride in each child as we try to leave the world a little better than we found it. Walk away as a more well-rounded student with a boarder perspective of the difference you can make in the world.  ($140; Ages 5+)
JULY 20-24, 12:30-3:30: Future Preneurs: Warren Buffett tells us the age in which we start our first business is a strong predictor of our business success later in life. Kids can be entrepreneurs too! It all starts with an idea then we will create a business name, product, learn the 4P’s of marketing and lastly, sell the products during a class craft fair. ($140 plus kids provide the supplies for their item; Ages 6+)
*JULY 27-30, 9AM-12: Sweet Treats Bakery: Got a sweet tooth? Throw on your apron and let’s get to baking! Learn kitchen safety, how to measure ingredients and kitchen prep. Explore easy to prepare recipes for beginning chefs and real-life skills like how to crack an egg! Baking is more than an end product. It’s a combination of math, science, reading, following directions, patience, problem solving and the joy of giving to others. Kids take home a Kids’ Baking Cookbook at the end of the week. ($140 plus $40 supply fee)
*JULY 27-30, 12:30-3:30: Science You Can Eat: Here you’re the scientist and chef! Discover what it takes to crystalize sugar into rock candy, what moisture has to do with popping corn and how proteins make cakes and muffins rise! Plus, learn about nutrition in this action packed, wipe your hands on your apron class series. Kids take home a science themed cookbook with all the recipes! ($140 plus $40 supply fee; Ages 5+)
AUGUST 3-6, 9AM-12: Reading Bootcamp: Summer is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about school again! Be sure your reading skills are sharp, and your brain isn’t soggy! Reading, comprehension, vocabulary, sight words and spelling for the win! Let’s get ready to crush this school year. ($140; Ages 5+; Kids grouped by reading level)
*AUGUST 3-6, 12:30-3:30: Math Genius: So long summer! Let’s get back into the game and brush up on math skills we will need as we begin another school year. Math facts, activities, games and review for all things number related before we kiss summer goodbye. ($140; Ages 5+)
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